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Maria Lacey Meditation

A healing & transformational journey with Maria Lacey

  • Date coming soon. Enquiries welcome, email here
  • Reclaim your clarity, life direction and creative intuitive-self
  • Learn how to discern between your heart and your mind
  • Express yourself in a variety of new and exciting ways
Maria Lacey Meditation

We all have a deep internal knowing of what is right for us in any given moment. Sadly, our intuition is often drowned out by the noise of our minds, sometimes disguised as the 'voice of reason'.

In our formative years we are naturally very connected to our intuition, it's how we navigate this foreign world around us, but as we receive impressions about what is right and wrong, good and bad, should and should not, we are led away from the truth in our hearts and toward intellectual discernment, judgment and self-doubt.

You might be able to relate to a pivotal time, or even multiple times in your life, when you have followed that 'voice of reason' only to find your heart longing for a missed opportunity, or wishing you had of listened to your intuition.

Our heart holds the key to our true potential – our ability to create happy and fulfilling lives, loving relationships, and to express ourselves freely, but through repetitive reinforcement self doubt can become a dominant force, holding us back from living our best possible life.. the life we all so rightfully deserve.

It's time to reclaim your clarity, life direction and creative intuitive-self!

Join us for this transformational weekend retreat within the sanctuary of the Yarra Valley, where you will become empowered to create the life you truly desire, from a place of love, passion and self-confidence.

Feel supported and nurtured as you embark on an extraordinary journey through sacred and healing practices and practical and spiritual teachings, to assist you in awakening to your true potential.

You will:

  • Experience deep personal connection through meditations including a Higher Mind Activation
  • Learn how to discern between your heart and your mind
  • Express yourself in a variety of new and exciting ways including Art, Writing, Chakra Sounds, Chanting and Connection to Soul Voice
  • Gain clarity and confidence with your new level of self-awareness
  • Be free to express your aspirations in a supportive and sacred space
  • Establish daily personal strategies to keep you aligned to your aspirations
  • Learn practices to keep you clear and grounded
  • Enjoy sacred ceremonial activities such as Drumming, and Mindful Labyrinth Walking
  • Feel the encouragement and support from a group of like-minded individuals
  • Take time for personal reflection and rest
Maria Lacey Meditation Maria Lacey Meditation