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An accomplished Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker with over eighteen years’ experience in Reiki, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Spiritual Development. I approach my clients, students and audience with optimism and a generous heart.

Growing up seeing and talking with spirits was a natural part of my life and I believe my difficult childhood inspired me to maintain this connection.

Spiritual Teaching, Maria Lacey In 1999 through a number of profound experiences I was guided to learn Reiki. This led me to take a leap of faith and leave the corporate life and commence my own Holistic business.

During the evolution of my business I completed my Reiki Master Teacher Degree and Diploma in Counselling. For many years I successfully facilitated weekly meditation and spiritual development classes. Creating programs and workshops including; Women Nurturing Women® - a personal growth journey, Past lives, Meditation Soul Retreat, Sensitivity Art - The Heart of the Sensitive Soul and many other workshops.

An interest in personal and professional growth inspired me to study and complete my Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnoenergetics® and Quantum Consciousness.

Through the encouragement of my students I created my first meditation CD ’Empower Your Spirit’ then ’Guided Meditations for Everyday’, followed by ’Heart Opening’ a collaboration with TigerLily. Recently I released a single ’Heart Blessing’ and hot off the press is my new album ’Ascension Chanting Meditations’. I love the creative process and look forward to sharing more unique and heart centred projects with you.

As a workshop presenter and speaker on many personal development and spiritual subjects, I have become a mentor to other therapists, students and workplaces.

I can honestly say from the light in my soul and the love in my heart, Reiki has been my foundation, and I’m absolutely passionate about my professional and personal path, and continually inspired by the courage and tenacity my clients and students show.

My purpose I have known since I was a small child - To bring hope into our world while supporting the raising of consciousness .

My journey continues to stretch and move me, and in sync with my path I have been guided to travel extensively overseas to share knowledge, teach and personally continue to learn and grow. Through many ups and downs, I’m heartened to know that our difficulties are often disguised as powerful tools. These tools are our experiences, which help raise us to be the best we can be. My connection to the other worlds gives me and others comfort, guidance and wisdom as I channel the Guardians of the Light.

I feel privileged to share and look forward to connecting, with love and gratitude,
Maria Lacey, Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Maria Lacey in Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

1999 - Meditation Facilitator
1999 - Reiki Practitioner Usui Shiki Ryoho
2001 - Reiki Master Teacher Usui Shiki Ryoho
2001 - Diploma in Counselling
2002 - Spiritual Development Teacher
2007 - ACT for Anxiety Disorders with John P. Forsyth PhD
2008 - Acceptance & Commitment Therapist (ACT)
2009 - Advanced ACT with Dr Russ Harris
2014 - Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
2014 - Certified Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics®
2015 - Accredited Quantum Consciousness Facilitator

Other training including:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Grief & Loss and Resilience
First Aid Certificate
Working with Children’s card

Member of:
Australian Counselling Association
Counsellors Victoria
Australian Association of Reiki Professionals
Australian Reiki Connections Inc
Full writer member - APRA

Spiritual Teacher, Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

One of the most important aspects of community is to ensure we support and care for each other. Below are the three causes close to my heart:

Animal Aid - As an animal lover, I understand how they can, and do, enhance our lives in many wonderful ways. Our domestic animals need to be cherished and nurtured as part of our family. Find out more here.

Make A Wish Foundation - I had the pleasure of being a volunteer for a period of time. This organisation is for the benefit of children who have life threatening medical conditions. They grant wishes specifically requested by the child giving hope, strength and a little joy to all those involved. Family, friends and volunteers all benefit from the smile and delight of the child receiving the gift. I personally feel these beautiful children have an amazing strength and resilience, and teach us so much about the human spirit. Find out more here.

Scope - For people with a disability. Personally I have been a volunteer with the intellectually disabled from the age of 16 and worked for a number of years raising funds for Cooinda Hill in Gippsland. I continue to work with, and feel blessed in the presence of those with disabilities. People with disabilities have so much to share and teach us, and it was Charlotte my cerebral palsy client, who encouraged me to leave the corporate life, and work in Reiki full time. She kindly said, “Maria I am your messenger and this is the path you must travel”. I listened, and I have never looked back, and will be forever grateful for her sharing this message. Find out more here.