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We carry all of our experiences with us in our energy fields. We are surrounded by everything that has ever happened to us and the beliefs and feelings we store from those events.

These events are held energetically in the deeper realms of who we are, that wonderful archive that we call the subconscious mind. We hold our greatest fears and our deepest potential as the great paradox of the human condition.

Imagine how life would be, if you could access this archive to release the things that hold you back or if you could tap into your deepest potential and release it.

There are so many ways to heal, so many modalities available, Hypnotherapy is one of the few modalities that allows for you to be guided to self-explore and empowers you in your own healing. Hypnoenergetics® extends this approach even further through the four dimensions that make up the human condition. When this powerful modality of Hypnotherapy is used in the context of energy it broadens the potential for healing even further. It moves from being a step based process into an energetic experience guided by your deepest wisdom.

We use a number of approaches in a Hypnoenergetics® session that create a deep and transformational experience.

Hypnotherapist, Maria Lacey
Maria assists and supports Women, Men and Children with:

- Fears and phobias
- Pain Management
- Grief and loss
- Trauma
- Insomnia
- Depression
- Stress, anxiety, panic attacks
- Self-Esteem / Self Worth
- Addictions and compulsions
- Ground hog day - repeating unwanted patterns
- Mind chatter, negative self-talk and belief systems
- Lack of motivation focus and direction

"Hypnosis is a state of natural deep, relaxation and concentration. It helps you to use the power of your mind and your creative imagination to find new ways of dealing with problems and to alter unwanted patterns of behaviour. The hypnotic state enables you to access the ability of the subconscious mind to resolve deeply rooted issues." - Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

Hypnotherapy Sessions are 1.5 to 2.5 hours - $250 inclusive.

Credit Card or Cash accepted at time of the appointment.
Please contact Maria by email or phone 0403 126 435 to make a booking.

"Dearest Maria, thank you so much for the help I received through the Hypnotherapy/Hypnoenergetics® sessions with you. It has been an enlightening experience which has given me an insight into my own patterns of thinking and handling and given me tools that have empowered me to make the necessary changes. Love and Light" - Maria B

"I went to my Hypnoenergetics® session with Maria feeling a little anxious about what would come up and how I would feel about the whole experience. I need not have worried, I felt totally safe in Maria’s most capable hands.

What emerged? Well, all I can say is that it was an amazing experience and it helped me to find at least one missing piece which represents the jigsaw of my life so far. Thank you so much." - Kathy Healey

quantum consciousness Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

We are a remarkable and unique collection of subatomic particles. A world of possibilities waiting to be explored - we are Quantum energetic beings.

The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness. This safe and natural journey is undertaken in the energy of service, offered by a facilitator who gently activates the subatomic particles of the client, while helping them to embrace their expanded states of being.

Starting at your present consciousness, before moving out through the other realms, expanding your personal universe until you are the fabric of the cosmos itself.

quantum consciousness Ringwood North, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs The Quantum Consciousness journey starts with the activation of what we call "The Remembering", simply reminding us that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. This knowing changes the Present Consciousness and as we expand beyond time and space as we know it, through different states of awareness, we heal and explore aspects of ourselves in our personal universe.

Our Stored Consciousness holds all the experiences in this lifetime at any age and we ask these aspects of ourselves to come forward to share wisdom or healing. We then travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where those important decisions created a replication of ourselves in an alternate reality. We meet and share time with these alternates who have much to offer us.

Next we move through our Parallel Consciousness, where we are active in other bodies on this earth in another period of Earth’s history. Again there is that exchange that leaves all aspects of ourselves in a higher vibration.

Next we visit our Interdimensional Consciousness where we experience the knowing of being in other life forms or dimensions again for that same exchange of energy.

Finally we embrace our Eternal Consciousness and pause to experience that transformational energy before blending with the Fabric of the Cosmos itself.

Quantum Consciousness Sessions are approximately 3 hours - $300.

Credit Card or Cash accepted at time of the appointment.
Please contact Maria by email or phone 0403 126 435 to make a booking.

"The quantum consciousness experience was beautiful and insightful. Maria’s ability to create a safe space allowed my own inner wisdom to provide incredible insight into my being, choices, strengths and life lessons. The experience was very empowering and loving, and difficult to put into words! I highly recommend the experience as it was truly incredible." - Sharon C

"Journeying with Maria felt very safe, supportive and loving. The session was very much in the moment and as such afforded surrendering with total acceptance. A wonderful, nurturing gift to give to yourself." - Natalie

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